The Certifications


The ecological European label, also known as Ecolabel, is a registered European trademark. It is used to certify certain products and services with low environmental impact offered by companies.

The Ecolabel trademark ensures that the product has previously been studied and analyzed both from the point of view of environmental impact, within its entire Life Cycle, and from the point of view of social sustainability, which takes into consideration eventual consequences on the health and safety of the consumer.



FSC certification aims at the correct forest management and traceability of derived products. The FSC logo ensures that the product has been made from raw materials deriving from forests correctly managed according to the principles of correct forest management and chain of custody. The FSC certification scheme is independent and third-party.


PEFC is an international initiative based on the understanding of stakeholders in the implementation of sustainable forest management at national and regional level. Representatives of forest owners and poplars, end consumers, users, freelancers, a well as the world of the wood and craft industries participate in the development of PEFC. Among the PEFC objectives is to improve the image of forestry and the forest-wood supply chain, providing in fact a tool for market that allows wood and forest products from sustainably managed forests and plants to be marketed.



The CE mark is a fulfilment to be carried out by the manufacturer for all products covered by Community directives on medical devices. The affixing of the CE mark and the preparation of technical documentation showing compliance with these Directives must be carried out by the manufacturer or his surrogate. The documentation states that the product complies with safety and health, and can be used, also together with other medical devices, without harming the patient.

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